Poster Shop

You can purchase posters of your favorite Incidental Comics for your offline enjoyment! Below is a sample of popular posters. All other comics that appear on this site are available in poster form.

All prints are made on-demand with an Epson inkjet printer on 11"x17" 100 lb card stock, signed by Grant. Posters will be rolled and shipped in an indestructible cardboard mailing tube.

Cost: $18 per poster.

Shipping: $3 for U.S. orders, $12 for international orders. Amounts are for the entire order, not for each item. 

How to order using Paypal:

1. Login to your Paypal account.

2. Go to the "Send & Request" tab.
Choose "Pay for Goods and Services."

3. Enter "" and your order total including shipping. Click "Next."

4. Enter "Grant Snider" and choose "United States" as recipient's country of residence. Click "Next."

5. Verify your shipping address and enter the poster(s) you want and any additional information in the "Add a note" box.  Click "Send." 

Please contact me at for large orders (10 or more) or to pay using a non-Paypal method.
Email with any questions.
The Inferiority Complex
The Shape of Ideas

The Writers' Retreat
How to Look at Art
The National Department of Poetry

My Neighbor Magritte
A Year of Parenting

The Story Coaster
Reading is Dangerous
When You Are Gone
There are worlds...

Message to a Graduate

Day Jobs of the Poets

Genius Is...
Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The Elephants of Typography
What Is Love?

Minimalism is Simple
Life in the Woods
We Are the Introverts
Ban This Book
Haruki Murakami Bingo
Behind Every Great Novelist
Book of the Future

Pig Latin Redux
Stray Books
Cycles of Life
Pig Latin
Literary Devices


  1. do you ever sell originals?

  2. Have you ever considered collecting all (or some) of the posters in a book? There are so many I love and would love to own a copy of but buying more than one poster just isn't feasible (there is only so much wall space...)

  3. I agree with Anonymous, I'd love these in a book! They're all so good, I can't pick just one for the wall!

  4. Would you consider selling t-shirts? I absolutely love your work but have limited wall space.

  5. I would order a book of your work in a new york minute—plus a couple of extras to give as gifts to friends. Your stuff is so amazing!

  6. I love your work! I would love these in a book!

  7. Can I get one in a larger size, say 20 X 30 inches?
    I'm a Latin teacher and want to hang the Pig Latin poster on my wall, but big enough that the students can see it from across the room.

  8. Hi Iambe, unfortunately I don't offer posters in 20"x30" - please send me an email if you have any questions!

  9. This is fantastic! I saw it only now. Love all of them. x

  10. Grant, like many others I fall for your work and also would love them in a book. Have you consider the idea?
    Can I post your poster in my blog and Instagram with credit, link to your page and shop?
    You just offer posters in one size, right?
    I'm sure you'll find a way to entertain teenagers with braces.

  11. Is there any way to order these posters without a Paypal account?

  12. It's high time for an book! - Book! Book! Book! ...

  13. Such a talent. Lovely, whimsical and amusing comics.

  14. Hey!
    May I ask for some poster that is not on this page:
    Like "Iconic Houses", "Morning" and others, or only that ones are available?


  15. @Felipe:
    Yes! Most every comic on my site is available as a poster, including the ones you listed. Send me an email if you have questions about others. Thanks!

  16. Hi Grant, Joel Friedlander's a book designer who offers templates or personal assistance for ppl to sell beautiful illustrated books in hard copy and as ebooks. There are plenty of pod printers around and online retailers:- your work deserves much wider audience and I for one would be happy to spend $30 on a book of your posters. So would a lot of ppl. Hope you do this as it could bring you a lot of income

  17. I'm going to repeat the comments already made by your other fans. Please consider making a book or T-shirts! Your work is enjoyable, insightful, inspiring... and completely original! I would love to be able to pay for such quality work.

  18. Ditto what the others are saying. I would totally buy a book as well! Love too many of your prints <3