If you are seeking arcane knowledge about the ancient discipline of freelance cartooning or would like to point out my inability to draw proper three-point perspective, you can email me at

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molinos said...

Hi from Spain.

I love your work, I have been tweeting it all morning. Why don´t you translate some of them into spanish?

Katherine Gordy Levine said...

Posted you introvert poster on Pinterest. Love it and Laughing is one of my Emotional Fitness Exercises. I will be pinning more of you. Assume the fact that you have are sharing means people like me are not violating your copyright. I will always link back to your site.

Also have you heard of ambiverts? Lastest label by the Emotional Intelligence people. Might make a good cartoon

Seems I am one.

Emmanuel Nieves said...

Your work is fantastic! It's intelligent and witty, and I always look forward to reading the next one every time. I feel a little more content with things in what it is you write/illustrate about (especially as a starving artist). Haha. Keep it up man!

Mervik Haums said...

Hello there, enjoyed your comics and always keeping an eye to see your new ones. Following you on Medium too. I'm wondering is that okay sharing your work on Google+ communities? Keep up the great work. :-)

Anderson Mendes said...


I'm brazilian and a great fan of your job. You can ship some posters to Brazil? i'd love to have some on my house and office. And please, keep your good and beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I liked your cartoon on the first year of parenting. I especially love that you picture a dad. I am one also and I take such pride in raising my new little boy. The ending is especially relavent. I am so thankful for my wife being there to help. Neither of us feels we could do this alone.

molinos said...

Hi Grant,

I just write a post about you and your fantastic work in my blog.

Hope you find someone who translate it for you and you enjoy it.


Vern said...

Dear Grant,
I luv your work. You have inspired me to graphical express my passing moods and thoughts in a graphical form. I wish to develop this expression gifting-talent-skill. What digial softwsre and hardware do you use to make your cartoons. Or do you just use colored pens and pencils and then scan your work? I ust want to doodle.
Mahalo from HI!!

Ekohm Abiyasa said...

Hi from Indonesia.

This blog so inspiring, and look nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. It is very sophisticated and meaningful, and your drawing style is so soft and light! Thank you for sharing your work with us!
Greetings from Germany