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  1. Hi from Spain.

    I love your work, I have been tweeting it all morning. Why don´t you translate some of them into spanish?

  2. Posted you introvert poster on Pinterest. Love it and Laughing is one of my Emotional Fitness Exercises. I will be pinning more of you. Assume the fact that you have are sharing means people like me are not violating your copyright. I will always link back to your site.

    Also have you heard of ambiverts? Lastest label by the Emotional Intelligence people. Might make a good cartoon

    Seems I am one.

  3. Your work is fantastic! It's intelligent and witty, and I always look forward to reading the next one every time. I feel a little more content with things in what it is you write/illustrate about (especially as a starving artist). Haha. Keep it up man!

  4. Hello there, enjoyed your comics and always keeping an eye to see your new ones. Following you on Medium too. I'm wondering is that okay sharing your work on Google+ communities? Keep up the great work. :-)

  5. Hi!

    I'm brazilian and a great fan of your job. You can ship some posters to Brazil? i'd love to have some on my house and office. And please, keep your good and beautiful work.

  6. I just wanted to let you know how much I liked your cartoon on the first year of parenting. I especially love that you picture a dad. I am one also and I take such pride in raising my new little boy. The ending is especially relavent. I am so thankful for my wife being there to help. Neither of us feels we could do this alone.

  7. Hi Grant,

    I just write a post about you and your fantastic work in my blog.

    Hope you find someone who translate it for you and you enjoy it.


  8. Dear Grant,
    I luv your work. You have inspired me to graphical express my passing moods and thoughts in a graphical form. I wish to develop this expression gifting-talent-skill. What digial softwsre and hardware do you use to make your cartoons. Or do you just use colored pens and pencils and then scan your work? I ust want to doodle.
    Mahalo from HI!!

  9. Hi from Indonesia.

    This blog so inspiring, and look nice.


  10. Hi there,
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. It is very sophisticated and meaningful, and your drawing style is so soft and light! Thank you for sharing your work with us!
    Greetings from Germany

  11. Damn!

    5 years ago or more I came across your comics. I printed one or two and fixed it on a wall in our office.

    Now 5 years later I thought about that and was googling around and I could not remember to have had your name then and I never thought once about that name in all those years. After few minutes googling suddenly SNIDER popped out in my mind and bang, it is it!


  12. Well, after these 5 years: Regards from Switzerland!

  13. Comic piece by Grant Snider gracing the inside back cover of The Core, The College Magazine, Winter 2015 supplement edition finds :” Understanding Poetry (After Mark Strand)” a perfect tribute in the vein that of our Poet Laureate would truly appreciate making a similar piece by Mark in his “The Weather of Words, “A Miracle of a Poem”.
    The first time I saw Mark Strand, the only person that I could think of is Clint Eastwood, the movie actor and director, as how much he look like him: tall and lanky having a face very much like the actor. Here, remembering a lecture in Classics 10, Mark Strand seating among the other people in the audience, being there to support the lecturer, a friend. His well-worn baseball hat gave our laureate a character of class. Later, that same evening I had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting and talking to Mark on a one on one basis, what a thrill on 57th Street!
    I would see Mark again the Newbery Library where he gave a talk on his little book, ”The Weather of Words.” Mark was dressed in black, how becoming of this giant genius.
    I had an opportunity to wonder around in Foster Hall and the Committee of Social Thought area finding the door marked with his name. Here was his office.
    My wife on the next day after Mark had died indicating a local Television station had indicated that Mark Strand had died. I was shock and could not believe, trying to verify the story.

    Roy D. Schickedanz
    36 N Elm Lane
    Glenwood, Illinois 60425

  14. Mr. Snider,

    As an aspiring writer and all-around observer of life, I want to tell you how thought-provoking and inspiring your work in Incidental Comics is to me. Every new issue brings with it some new notion or sentiment that enriches both my life and writing. Thank you so much for your work here.


  15. It's the last day of school for this Art Teacher, and now I can't wait to introduce your work to my future 6th grade Art Students. Yes, we teachers are nerdy like that. I'm looking forward to excite all students who crave to learn and motivate my students that find learning challenging by using differentiated instruction.
    As one of my students would say, "daaaang, he got skillz"



  16. I am glad I found your blog. Your stuff is great! Very creative and inspirational! Thank you for existing.

  17. hi grant, i love your work! i dont like posters on my walls, but i would like to buy a book with many of your pictures. have you one?

  18. Many of the comments explain what I feel about your work.
    It's great!

    I find it difficult to have people who do not identify with their work - he is intelligent, with a singular beauty, clear, concise and timeless.
    I admire your way of thinking and systematizing the work you do, as well as your aesthetic.

    Like your Spanish admirer I suggest you translate some of your work into Portuguese (it is estimated that there are 273 million Portuguese speakers).

    I am happy to have stumbled on your site - I will disclose and continue to follow.

    Greetings from Portugal.


  19. Love your work, even if you are inable to draw proper three-point perspective ;)

    I would be very interested in collaborating with you at some point.

  20. This is art, this is human, this is amazing. This is moving.