Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Minimalism is Simple

The panels in this comic were adapted from paintings by Ellsworth Kelly and Sol LeWitt. There are many great blogs with advice on how to live a minimalist lifestyle. I think none are as helpful as absorbing the simple beauty of minimalist art.

You can order a poster here.


Frája Beha said...

Yup. It's way difficult than it looks.

Adam Wood said...

Grant, thanks so much for this strip - it made me think quite a bit. I hope you don't mind that I reposted it over on my blog as part of a post about what it meant to me.

I tried to balance it out by linking back to your store, but if you'd prefer me to take it down please say.

rfaulhaber said...

This is excellent advice for anyone who needs to create any kind of meaningful human expression.

I especially like the one "stop searching for hidden meaning".

greg. said...

truely inspiring.
i think i'm going in the newt few days to buy this poster. It is all about what i wanted to read since a long time.

Harry said...

Isnt that first one a Jo Baer?

Erica Northwood said...

A minimalist lifestyle is what I prefer. I believe simple beauty will never fail to catch a viewer's attention. Over-designing is overrated. Whenever I contribute creative ideas, I always do it in the simplest style I could think of. Always gets the job done!

This is truly inspiring, keep up the good work! Your drawings are amusing!

Feliz Mojica said...

Your works are amazing! Good thing they're copyrighted because I'm tweeting [almost] all of them! Thank you for your inspiring cartoons.

greenminimalism.com said...

This is a great comic to share, cheers. I think I'll post it to mye extreme minimalist blog if that's okay with you at greenminimalism.com ?

lhester526 said...

Grant, I love you art education comics. As a budding want-to-be artist at 65 these are to the point, easy to understand and don't waste my time. I need to savory the time I have and quickly experience all that has alluded me before retirement. Please do more! Grandma Linda


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