Friday, June 21, 2013

When You Are Gone

This comic began as an initial sketch to illustrate an essay about the future of books. The essay offered a somewhat bleak view of the literary world to come - a publishing market controlled by devices and e-reading platforms with a dwindling readership and fewer opportunities for authors. Unfortunately, the essay was cancelled. I decided to finish the comic anyway. Maybe nostalgia for the printed word is premature and misguided, but I'll always prefer books in their traditional form.


the dogs' mother said...

I have a Nook gathering dust and a stack of three books lined up for when I finish the current book.

Mike said...

I see I'm not the only one who likes the smell of books, cheers!

Orphine said...

Last week the headteacher of the school I work in gave away all the books in our school library, because the new building our school is moving into won't have a library, it will have a "resource centre" presumably with computers only. Teachers were rescueing armfulls of books to keep in our classrooms. When I tell people this they think I'm joking!

Sam said...

"Unfortunately, the essay was cancelled."

That sentence is hysterical! Not out of context obviously, but where it was placed in the description was priceless. :D

I'm a big fan of actual books myself. I've not purchased any e-readers and have a stack of books waiting to read on my nightstand.

john said...

That's funny. I was reading it as a graduating child leaving home until I got to "I'll miss your smell". Even that works if you drew an overflowing hamper.

Crosby Kenyon said...

Thank you, Grant. I don't see all your work, but I enjoy it when I do. This is especially touching.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way about my favorite bong

Grant said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Anonymous: No need to hide your identity - it's legal here in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Love your work but I love my kindle because I can carry with me a bunch of different books to fit any mood. Also, it's introduced me to classics that I would probably take the time to check out or buy. Still, I always feel compelled to get paper copies of the books I really cherish.

Pia H said...

ooo, a bit sad! I can't see my life without a book in my hands!
Can i borrow this picture in my book blog? I'll link to you, of course!

Punit said...

I think it is inevitable

I find myself shifting my reading more and more to Kindle even though I don't want to

Life is too mobile, full of empty miles and empty calories

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