Monday, April 8, 2013

Tie Chi


Vale said...

I'm a taiji "student" and I burst out laughing from the first cartoon!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great setup, but I don't like the last panel.

The text should say "Bus stop"

Melissa said...

I think "achieve nothingness" is actually the last step of Tai Chi, isn't it? If so, then the last panel should stay as it is. I don't think everyone knows this particular step in Tai Chi, so it doesn't strike them as funny. I admit that "achieving nothingness" doesn't strike me as funny either, though if it is the goal of Tie Chi, then the cartoon is perfect.

Macs Zed said...

Great! Afe you going to create a poster of this one? Please

sundar said...

Hilarious...but superb...thanks for the wit and awareness...


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