Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Make Write

This drawing appears alongside a NYT Opinionator Draft essay by Henry Hitchings about the use of nominalization in writing. One type of nominalization is the appropriation of verbs as nouns, leading to attention-grabbing (and annoyance-inducing) phrases like the ones found in this comic. You can also see the illustration and article in print in the March 31 NYT Sunday Review. Thanks to AD Matt Dorfman for the gig!

A note on the rabbits: probably my favorite short story of all time is "Stone Animals" by Kelly Link, from her collection "Magic For Beginners." It features numerous, mysterious, and possibly sinister bunnies lurking in the yard of a suburban home. Also, I remember loving the epic rabbit allegory "Watership Down" when I read it in middle school. I have it on my bookshelf and intend to revisit it soon. Coincidentally, my bunnies will appear in print on Easter. As always, you can order a poster at my shop.