Friday, August 17, 2012

Como Obter Idéias

Portuguese translation by Iris Abramof. 

Read the English version here: How to Get Ideas


  1. Thanks for your great comics! But could you please setup a separate blog/RSS for the portugues variant?

  2. @his: That's a good idea, and something I'll likely do in the future. These posts are a trial run for a page exclusively for the translated strips, so you might see a couple more this month in your regular feed.

  3. Great! :) But those strips are being translated to the Portuguese of Portugal, right? There are somethings really off in Brazilian Portuguese. Like the title for example, we use "como ter ideias" (how to have ideas), "obter" sounds unusual... And we dont use (even in Portugal) the "é" in "ideias" anymore... The gramatical rules were unified with Portugal and other portuguese speaking countries two years ago, and changed a little bit. But I really love your comics, I must say.

  4. Como ter ideias.*
    *or "Como conseguir ideias"

    Se você perfurar o lugar certo, elas subirão até a superfície.
    Elas podem ser geradas da união de duas coisas desconhecidas.
    Você pode apanhá-las enquanto dorme, mas boa sorte ao tentar entendê-las.
    Faça uma armadilha, aguarde pacientemente. Algo grande com certeza virá.
    Elas podem lhe atingir num momento de desespero.
    Na maioria das vezes, elas o encontrarão quando você parar de procurá-las.

  5. Prix: Thanks for the feedback! My translator is Brazilian, but I'm sure there are many ways to interpret the wording. Appreciate your response, and I'll look into the grammar changes.

  6. Wow, I read your comics since 2010 and being brazilian I was very surprised to read in my own language!

    Anyway, I would learn chinese to read your comics if needed to. Keep the good work!

  7. Hi.
    Probably best to specify "Brazilian Portuguese" instead of merely "Portuguese", since it's different from the original European one.
    Congratulations on your fantastic comics, and thank you for sharing them.

  8. I was very happy to see the strip in my language. I am brazilian, and I don't mind that it says portuguese instead of brazilian portuguese, whatever type of portuguese that you speak, you can understand it! =D
    So thank you for thinking of us! I love your work! ^^