Monday, September 19, 2011

There will be no encore.


  1. Brilliant! I love the rhyming scheme here, and am always a huge fan of your artwork. Normally I don't like to comment after everyone else has, so I tend to keep my similar praises to myself...but this time it looks like I am close to the top!

    My favourite panel is 'five guitar strings intact, one hole in the bass drum' (paraphrasing...) but I played guitar and drums in my old band, and the broken strings were a pain!

    PS my captcha is 'sperm'. That is all.

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  3. Thank you, dysunction! My college roommate played a bass drum with a hole in it. Cheapest kit ever.

    Maybe captchas are finally evolving a sense of humor!

  4. Ladies and gentlemen. Grant Snider has left the building.

    Another good one.