Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color Therapy


  1. Not too sure whether you know but there actually IS such a thing as colour therapy! Seriously! Google it. =D

  2. This should be a children book! They would love it. And so would I, cause I'm a teacher who would love to teach about colors with a book like that.

    Cheers from Brazil.

    ps.: sorry for my poor English. :)

  3. Thanks, everyone!
    RS: I think I'd heard the term "color therapy" but didn't have the urge to find out what it really was...But now Wikipedia has told me everything I need to know.
    Marilla: Thank you! My comics seem to be going the way of the children's book. Hope to publish one eventually, even if I have to self-publish it :)

  4. This is incredibly cute. I've been reading your blog for almost two consecutive hours now. I can't stop!

    Congratulations on your amazing work!


  5. This should be an illustration book! Inspiration bookmarked!