Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Blue Floats Away

BLUE FLOATS AWAY is out this week! I had so much fun illustrating Travis Jonker’s heartfelt story about an intrepid iceberg. 

Thanks to editor Courtney Code, art director Pamela Notarantonio, and the rest of the team at Abrams Kids. You can find a copy at your favorite local bookstore, internationally from Book Depository, or online wherever you get your books. 

For more about the making of BLUE, head over to Travis Jonker's excellent blog, 100 Scope Notes

Here's the evolution of the character Blue, from notebook scribble to published page: 

1. Travis's first lines of the story and initial doodle of the iceberg.

2. Travis's cut paper sketch, inspired by Leo Lionni's LITTLE BLUE AND LITTLE YELLOW.

3. My first try at illustrating Blue and his parents - made with construction paper, tracing paper, and colored pencils.

4. Art for an early draft of the story, where Blue is gaining personality (and a face).

5. Final art for BLUE FLOATS AWAY - now Blue is a character with big emotions and a big journey ahead of him.


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