Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Philosophers in the Rain

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  1. Fantastic, and pretty accurate too! XD

  2. Except for the epicurean. If you want to refer to Epicure's true philosophy, then you better drop the idea that epicureans were silly happy guys and careless, because they were not. Pleasure was okay, as long as you stick to the limit (that is to say, avoid unnatural and unnecessary sources of pleasure). Actually, Epicure's philosophy is all about measure. The problem is what we made of this word later (I'm sorry, I'm a philosophy student, this explains that).
    The illustrations are nice ;)

  3. @Anonymous: I agree completely! However, I would argue that puddles are a natural, necessary, and unlimited source of pleasure. :)

  4. I absolutely agree about the comment on Epicurus.I am a postgraduate student on philosophy and I know that all scripts are wrong.They exaggerate common misconceptions of philosophy.