Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to Grow Imagination

I drew this comic for the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media at Saint Vincent College. Thanks to Professor Junlei Li for collaborating on its creation!

The Center works to further the legacy of Mr. Rogers by promoting child development through the power of human connection. Like countless children of the 20th century, I grew up watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His earnestness, simplicity, and openness to imagination is something I strive for in my work and life.


  1. Grant

    This is awesome. You are awesome. That's all I want to say.



  2. I LOVE pretend to it every day. What a great whimsical image... pretending to your Imagination. I'm so glad I found you (thank you Writing 101 from WordPress).

  3. Today I learned a comic strip can summon a little dude chopping some onions right next to you.
    Thanks Grant :)

  4. It is sometimes frightening how solutions seem to spring up spontaneously from our unconscious. Doodling, brainstorming, and mind-mapping are all great active forms of creativity, but the real gems always seem to come when you are doing something else…cooking, running, sitting on the toilet, or about to go to sleep.

  5. Dear Grant, a friend of mine (Jaikumar Mariappa) couldn't resist the temptation of translating this wonderful cartoon in Kannada (an Indian language) for a not-for-profit educational website http://tinyurl.com/ouyuhob . He couldn't seek your permission regarding copyright. Please let me know if it is okay with you.