Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dancing about Architecture

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." 
- Famous saying of indeterminate origins

"Dancing about architecture is awesome."
- Not-so-famous saying

You can get a poster here for your architecture/dance studio.


modelrailroading said...

Is there a real building like the futurist one you drew?

It reminds me of the Aquilina Building from SIM City 3000.

Grant said...

It's based on a drawing by Antonio Sant'Elia which I don't believe was built: http://www.unknown.nu/futurism/architecture.html

But I looked up that Sim City building and the resemblance is striking.

Thomas said...

I think that all of these buildings exist. The Einstein tower is closest to where i live.

Cool comic!
Sometimes i see a piece of art and think "why didnt anyone else think of this earlier?" This is one. clever.

I like the bauhaus bounce dance, Think it looks like techno.

Anonymous said...

The first quote is by Frank Zappa.

Thomas said...

ik have this tool. It's called google.

Greasemonkey said...

Brilliant cartoon buildings, Grant. Have you done any formal study in architectural drawing, perchance?

Greasemonkey. said...

PS - yeah, that futurist building does look like one from Simcity 3.

q12345q6789 said...

I am no architectural aficionado to be sure, but just for those who are curious; I believe the 'brutalist ballet' was performed in respect to the Geisel Library (of Simon and Simon fame -- heh) in San Diego. My favorite example of the brutalist style is the DC Metro (but that would be very difficult to capture for the purposes of this great comic. Thanks.

John said...

Yeah, anonymous, great citation!
The fact that someone wasted all that time researching this topic is what is wrong with the world.
Little did they know they just needed to Google it and choose the first result they saw.

Thanks Grant. I really enjoyed the article and the comic. Even your comments are interesting. I googled the sim city thing, very interesting.

Grant said...

Thanks for the comments!
@greasemonkey: No formal architectural study, but my twin brother works as an architect. Some of his skills might have been magically transferred. :)

And yes, it's the Geisel library. Brutalist buildings are definitely the most fun to draw.

Martin said...

How did you come across the "expressionist" Einstein tower in Potsdam?

It's sadly under-appreciated in Germany so I was delighted to recognize it in your drawing!

Grant said...

Martin: I found a picture of the building in a book at the library on architectural movements - it was an easy choice because it's such an impressive building, but also because it has "expressionist" in the building name.

eiza said...

Really nice Grant! I have shared it in arquicomics.tumblr.com , a tumblr blog where I compilate lots of drawings relating architecture and comic. Hope you don't mind and you like the blog!

Robert Thorne said...

This brings back memories. When I first saw the John Hayson-designed home I bought, I did my own awkward version of a breakdance.

Alana Ritchard said...

Because of this review, I became interested in the book. Now I want to take a peek since I am planning to renovate my home and get one of my walls removed for another space. This is exciting.