Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mapping the Economy

I illustrated this week's "It's the Economy" column for The New York Times Magazine, appearing on newsstands this Sunday. The subject was London's recent dominance over New York as the center of global finance. You can read the full article by Adam Davidson here. Like every good mapmaker, I made sure to include a tapir and a minotaur.


  1. Your comics are always fantastic. :D

    I wasn't sure if you were aware that a few of them even made onto the 9GAG hot page!
    Quite an accomplishment! :D

  2. Really? They kept that quite over here in the UK - it's all doom and recession. Popping over to NY tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the comparison. Really enjoying your blog, such interesting illustrations. Thanks :D

  3. Hi!
    Yeah your comics are awesome... I would like to be able to enjoy them even when I'm not at the pc! Unfortunately my house is so tiny i could never display a poster in it... but I could definitely use a book with your works :D do you reckon you will in the future do a book which collect some of your works? It would be quite awesome - and I'd buy it for sure.
    So please please let us know if you plan do do something like that! (:

  4. PeaceLoveandSharpies: Thank you!

    design Jessica: Well, it's a little exaggerated I'm sure. But it fit with the thesis of the article :)

    Anonymous: Yes, getting a book published with my comics is a goal of mine. I just need to start harassing some literary agents and publishers!

  5. Well done, you deserve it!

  6. Hi!
    I love your comics and when my economics professor opened up this article in class, I recognized your art immediately. Great work, as always. Looking forward to your new comics every week~