Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who Needs Art?

What's the solution to being fed up with art? I'm not sure, but looking at the paintings and sculptures of Joan Miro will help immensely.

You can get a poster of this comic here.


  1. And Art is good at playing practical jokes on people, sometimes hanging around upside-down for years before anyone notices. Art? Bah!

  2. I like the bulletproof glass reference to Guernica, though I notice that you didn't put that painting behind the glass, but instead something by another Spaniard. Probably a good call, as your comic isn't about the politics of art, but rather the possibility of art — all art — posing a danger to Pragmatic Man.

  3. Ah, this need to be posterized. Me and every artist I know will have this hanging in our studios!

  4. Ralph: Sometimes it looks better upside-down anyway.

    Henebry: didn't realize Guernica was so well-protected! but I think that adds credence to that panel.

    Daniel: See above.

  5. true.
    did you make anything in print ?