Monday, January 17, 2011

Discography of Your Favorite Band

Album artwork offers a glimpse of the great, mediocre, and ill-advised moments of a band's career. Click here for details on ordering as a poster, or email Because comics, like album artwork, should be viewed in large, printed form. If you want, I'll throw in a complimentary mixtape of what this fictional band would sound like, had they actually existed.


  1. Ahahahaha, this is so true for almost all of the bands that are whirling through my mind right now =D

  2. Been a music fan for about 40 years and seen exactly this more times than I can count!

    Right on target!

  3. Hee! The last one should maybe have the parathesis "(And Also Ran Out of Drugs)".

    I always find myself liking the Double Concept Recovery Albums the best. Sad, then, that that's so close to the end of a band's life cycle.

  4. Missing is the LIVE album released by the label. Low production costs, I.E studio time, mixing, etc.

  5. I love how your drawings seem as if they're not drawn digitally. does that make any sense? what did u use? I draw on Adobe Illustrator for my cartoons.

    A lot of people I know use photoshop but I'm useless on that software!

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  7. Are you from Idaho? Just wondering because of the Boise reference. Though I would totally understand if you had something against Boise.


  8. KHill: I'm not from Idaho, and I've never actually been there. Nothing against Boise. It's the hometown of a band, Built to Spill, that was a favorite of mine in college. It also seemed like the perfect off-the-beaten-path city for the humble beginnings of a fake band.

  9. Metallica!

    1 - Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning

    2 - Master of Puppets

    3 - And Justice For All

    4 - Metallica [Black Album]

    5 - Garage Inc.

    6 - Load and ReLoad

    7 - St. Anger

    8 - Death Magnetic